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Take control of phone communications

Introducing our new cloud based phone system for easy and intelligent calling and all in one communication.

Procloud VoIP solutions

VoIP telephone solutions with Microsoft 365 Business Voice

With Microsoft 365 Business Voice, ProCloud brings a new level of VoIP telephony solution which can significantly reduce costs, improve customer experience, improve productivity and enhance telephony flexibility.

The software-based PBX VoIP solutions, managed and hosted in the cloud is designed to your needs and deployed by skilled and experienced experts who will ensure proper set up, configuration and optimisation with friendly and helpful ongoing support. It will transform your communications

Benefits of VoIP

Reduced costs

The world is now more connected than ever before, offering you increased opportunities both here in Ireland and further afield. Traditional phone networks with high call charges simply don’t fit with the approach to modern business – VoIP is most definitely the solution.

One number, any device, anywhere

The mobility features of our VoIP telephony solutions cannot be understated, enabling anyone in your team to call and receive calls through one number on any device wherever they are in the world – breaking the limitations of a physical phone system to give your business the freedom it needs.

Flexible and scalable

The VoIP telephony solutions we set up and configure are suitable for any size or type of organisation. Enterprise-level security comes out-of-the-box, plus a VoIP telephony solution is fully scalable, so it can quickly and easily adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Enhanced collaboration

VoIP telephony solutions improve collaboration and mobility – but Microsoft 365 Business Voice gives you so much more – it is fully integrated with other Microsoft 365 apps, including Microsoft teams, enabling seamless collaboration in both calls and meetings.

Improved accessibility

No more missed or lost calls because someone is out of the office or not available – eradicate all these common business challenges with our next-level VoIP telephony solutions.

Fully customisable

Our team will spend time getting to know your business and how it operates to fully customise the set up.

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We needed a telephone system at Payac that our team could use anywhere, not just when they were in the office. We also needed enhanced flexibility and reduced costs.

The Microsoft Voice solution implemented by Procloud ticked all the boxes. It meets the needs of our business today and in the future.

Barry Feeney, Chief Financial Officer


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