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VoIP Telephony

Telephony solutions integrated with Microsoft Teams for all in one collaboration

Improve collaboration and make your business more agile and scalable for the future with an easy to manage telephone system that will reduce your communications costs.

VoIP solutions to reduce costs and create opportunities

Traditional telephony solutions that are fixed to physical locations don’t meet the needs of modern businesses, especially now when flexibility, remote working and instant scalability are essential.

At ProCloud, we develop and implement advanced VoIP telephony that can meet any needs – from flexible remote workforces to making infrastructure less complex – all with lower telephony costs.

VoIP Telephony team at work

Communications anywhere, for any kind of working 

We use the latest technologies from leading brands and platforms, including Microsoft 365 Business Voice – packed with all the features that your business needs and integrates with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, ensuring familiarity and improving your team’s ability to collaborate, wherever they are

At ProCloud our telephony solutions are cloud based to save cost, integrated with Microsoft teams for all in one communication and enabled for any device in any location

How you can benefit from a ProCloud VoIP solution

  • Lower costs by eliminating the requirement for on-premise PBX infrastructure.
  • Voice quality is on a par with physical telephony solutions for professional communication at all times.
  • Easy to scale by increasing or decreasing user capacity in real time.
  • Each member of your team will have one number which will work anywhere on any device.
  • Increased productivity with enhanced accessibility due to the portable nature of VoIP.
  • Your own unified communications solution that incorporates VoIP, email and messaging.
  • Easy to maintain and service – most issues resolvable remotely.
  • With Microsoft 365 Voice as your telephony platform, collaboration in your business will improve through integration with Microsoft 365’s suite of apps.

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We needed a telephone system at Payac that our team could use anywhere, not just when they were in the office. We also needed enhanced flexibility and reduced costs.

The Microsoft Voice solution implemented by Procloud ticked all the boxes. It meets the needs of our business today and in the future.

Barry Feeney, Chief Financial Officer


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