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Sentinel Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

Security information and event management

For a security overview of your entire organisation choose Sentinel and identify and respond to threats before they can harm your business.

Collect data, detect threats, investigate attacks and respond to incidents

This industry leading solution by Microsoft provides all the security you need whilst eliminating costs of infrastructure setup and maintenance of any scale.

Using a range of data sources to monitor security across your whole organisation with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the system will identify threats before they make an impact – so you can act fast. As time progresses your system will continue to learn and evolve.

Why choose Microsoft Sentinel?

Detect threats before they happen

The power really is in your hands when you are able to detect unknown and undetected threats whilst eliminating false positives – with Microsoft’s cybersecurity capabilities you can respond rapidly every single time and keep your management team informed with full reporting functionality that is designed for your business.

Tailored dashboards and user experience

Get the security insights that are important to you with customisable dashboards, tailored detection processes and on-demand reports with access to behavioural information and context you need to keep your business protected.

Standing guard over your IT and data security

The great thing with Sentinel is that you only pay for what you use, it is fully customisable and you don’t need to purchase any hardware.

Respond quickly to threats

Identifying threats is only part of the equation. Azure Sentinel gives you the tools you need to respond rapidly – whether manually deployed or automated common threat response tasks.

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Security is such a hot topic now we required a security overview of our entire organisation to allow us identify and respond to threats before they can harm our business.

With Azure Sentinel we have a low maintenance intelligent SIEM which monitors security across our organisation.

Carmel O'Hare, Head of Information Systems

Monaghan County Council