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Cloud Volumes – Enterprise Cloud Backup Service

The elasticity of the Cloud with full data mobility and multi-cloud flexibility

A cloud solution with no compromise. You’re in control over your multi-cloud strategy and the location of your data, now and for good.

Enterprise cloud backup service for your edge, on-premise and cloud workloads without the need for a backup appliance

Moving to the cloud will deliver considerable advantages to the way your business accesses, store and uses data. However, getting locked into a cloud provider is not ideal and can be difficult and time-consuming to move your data.

At Procloud, we configure and optimise solutions for each client using HPE Cloud Volumes with full data mobility, in multi-cloud environments, supporting AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Volumes separates compute and storage, giving you cloud elasticity with no downsides.

Why choose Cloud Volumes?

Consistent data use both on premises and in the cloud

You choose your providers, Cloud Volumes looks after storage and delivers an on-premises experience in the cloud with flexible pay as you go.

Move your data whenever you want

Cloud storage solutions do deliver impressive benefits, but not if you’re locked in. Break free with Cloud Volumes and move your data when and where you need it.

Better backup and disaster recovery

Cloud Volumes is an edge, cloud and on-premises backup service that you can rely on. It offers a simple, flexible and reliable backup solution with all kinds of perks such as self-service restores and the ability to reuse secondary data for testing purposes.

Reduce costs

Pay as you go means you only pay for what you need, and you’ll also save when you move data – as HPE doesn’t charge when you move away from its platform, unlike other cloud storage and computing services.

Dependable resiliency

Cloud native applications are highly resilient when running in the cloud, but the same can’t always be said for applications built for on-premises environments – here is the solution without refactoring, delivering greater resiliency levels than the native cloud.

Instant visibility no matter where your data is

Whether you use a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud strategy, Cloud Volumes ensures you have maximum visibility over your data, wherever that data is located – with additional benefits such as predictive analytics.

Enterprise-grade performance

The 256-bit AES encryption provides maximum security and ongoing compliance with excellent uptime and availability performance.

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