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Aruba Central

Simplify the deployment and management of networks in your business

Aruba Central is a cloud-based platform that optimises your wired, wireless and WAN environments, with enterprise-level security and unified infrastructure management.

Network management in the cloud

Simplify processes to manage networking infrastructure – packed with features that are intuitive and based on standard workflows- making it much easier for IT teams to deploy, manage, optimise and adapt wired and wireless networks.

ProCloud will make sure Aruba Central is fully optimised for you using our extensive knowledge of networking processes and the Aruba platform – saving time and resources with full oversight, control, advanced analytics and insights.

What Aruba Central can deliver


Smart machine learning and AI technologies will automate processes and ensure ongoing optimisation, even in demanding and dynamic operations.


You’ll have full visibility of the experience of users on your networks, the health of the network infrastructure, the performance of applications and more.


Customised alerts and detailed reporting.

Why choose Aruba Central?

Simplifies network deployment

Deploying networks used to be complex but with Aruba everything is configured and optimised centrally, including Aruba network switches and access points – connect a new device and automatically pre-set the configuration.

Save time and money

For the most efficient general network management and in tasks such as deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting, leaving more time to work that adds value to your business.

Improved insights and analytics

The AI technologies built into Aruba Central provide more accurate insights and analytics, with data-driven recommendations through machine learning algorithms. The platform will deliver context-based data when it is most relevant, plus you can access any information you need when you need it.

Continuous performance improvements

AI constantly analyses data from your locations and devices for optimal performance. And using information gathered from all other Aruba Central deployments around the world to provide you with peer-based optimisations.

Faster troubleshooting and problem solving

The AI improves troubleshooting and ticketing processes and is capable of identifying and rectifying many issues before they have impact.

Excellent reliability

This cloud-based approach ensures maximum redundancy to deliver the reliability that your business needs in its network infrastructure and connectivity.

open quotes

Data is at the core of everything we do in Sligo Credit Union, having the peace of mind to know our data is protected with robust retention policies in place is of critical importance to our operations.

ProCloud managed services ensures our data is secure and readily available in every eventuality.

Gary Gilgan , IT Manager

Sligo Credit Union