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Aruba Access Points & Switches

Fast and secure enterprise-grade connectivity with Aruba Access Points & Switches

Access points and network switches built for the future.


Connectivity that is simpler, smarter and faster

Part of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) group, Aruba Switches cleverly designed to be adapted and scaled to reduce the IT complexity in your business so that your IT team spend less time troubleshooting connectivity issues. For cloud, mobile and edge make them a best-in-class solution.

And the access points are just as good – for indoor and outdoor locations, or for remote workers, we can help get you set up with a Wi-Fi solution that works. Even if used in complex indoor locations or hazardous outdoor environments, ProCloud use Aruba technology to ensure you have reliable connectivity when and where you need it most.

The connectivity performance and flexibility you need


W-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 access points with built-in artificial intelligence deliver optimal user experience with very little IT effort.


The outdoor access points make light work of the toughest weather and hazardous locations.


Easy deployments to make sure your business stays connected in off-site or temporary situations, remote and mobile working.

The benefits of Aruba Access Points & Switches

Adaptable to you

The pace of digital transformation can change the needs of your business in a flash, with our support tasks like edge computing requirements, additional users or remote working requirements are handled swiftly and with ease.

A simplified experience

Deploying hardware and software to streamline the work of your IT team is simple. Aruba network switches have a single operating system, enabling the efficient design of networks and ensuring a consistent experience, for all users.

Internet of Things (IoT) ready

Aruba’s access points include support for essential IoT technologies, including Bluetooth and Zigbee to make the deployment and management of IoT services a significantly more straightforward process, with top notch security and consistent levels of performance.

High levels of resilience

All Aruba access points offer high levels of resilience with always-on access to the network across the business. This 24/7 access includes periods of maintenance, planned and unplanned – so really it’s the reliable connectivity solution your business has been looking for.

Tough and rugged solution for demanding locations, with no compromise on performance

Indoor locations that experience extreme temperatures or humidity levels, outdoor locations exposed to the elements, hazardous environments – whatever the location or condition, there is an Aruba device that is up to the challenge and will deliver the level of performance you need.

Keeping your IT secure

Aruba’s access points and network switches have a range of security features, including firewall technologies and access policies at device level. You can manage all aspects of security through the Aruba Central platform, putting you in control.

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Data is at the core of everything we do in Sligo Credit Union, having the peace of mind to know our data is protected with robust retention policies in place is of critical importance to our operations.

ProCloud managed services ensures our data is secure and readily available in every eventuality.

Gary Gilgan , IT Manager

Sligo Credit Union