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Endpoint Management

Manage your apps and data on mobile devices and control how your applications and data are accessed and used

Providing unified endpoint management to ensure each device is fully protected wherever it is

Control access and protect your data

Flexible and remote working are great for business but only if you have full control about how your company data is used. At ProCloud, we can deploy and configure this powerful solution to give you the control you need whilst empowering employees to work remotely and on the go.

Manage mobile and BYOD

Applicable for all company owned devices and for any personal devices that are used for work purposes.

The benefits of Endpoint Management

Empower your workforce and boost productivity

With this tool you can manage all endpoints on all devices – on-premises or in the cloud for company owned, personal, mobile and desktop.

Customised control of company owned devices

Configure control settings including device settings, features, and security controls as well as network, application, and data access according to your requirements – with threat protection, set requirements for passwords/PINs, and more.

Develop secure BOYD policies

Adapt your control and management configuration to respect the personal aspect of the user’s device – users can access limited apps, such as Teams or Outlook, with multi-factor authentication requirements set centrally.

Comprehensive management oversight

The enrolment system gives access to your company’s resources and is subject to the controls you set. You get full oversight of enrolled devices, information on the devices that access your resources, and more.

Protect your data

Technologies like encryption, firewalls and antivirus software will protect the use of your data on mobile devices while also controlling the flow of your company’s data outside of trusted devices and apps.

Realise IT efficiency savings

Easily configure and deploy organisation-wide security and access policies across all company-owned and BYOD devices with minimal IT resources. Achieve efficiency and infrastructure savings in other areas, too, including in the provisioning, repurposing, and resetting of mobile devices.

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Managing applications and data on mobile devices was critical to us facilitating  mobile working in a  safe and secure environment.

With the support of ProCloud we can now manage all endpoints on all devices that are personal or company owned which are used for work purposes.  In essence we have complete control of company owned data and devices.

John O'Connell, Managing Director