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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Generate more sales, improve customer service and streamline your processes. All with Dynamics 365.

Our straight talking experts are here to give you practical advice on how Dynamic 365 can make your sales function work harder to achieve better results.

Take control of your sales processes with Dynamic 365

This is a powerful and fully customisable Customer Relationship Management solution to drive business growth and improve the productivity of your sales team.

Dynamics 365 takes the potential of CRM to a whole new level – it is fully integrated with other Microsoft products and apps and fully customisable to suit your workflows, processes and requirements – all from straight out of the box.

Practical applications
of Dynamics 365


Versatile, flexible and fully customisable CRM
Find potential customers, optimise the sales funnel, manage relationships, improve processes and much more..


CRM and much, much more
With the ability to personalise customer and virtual interactions and to automate repetitive functionality, you can develop sophisticated marketing campaigns to nurture your opportunities and reduce the sales cycle at the same time.


A great platform for enhancing customer relationships too with a streamlined digital experience and better communication.

Benefits of Dynamics 365

Reduced sales cycle

Automated marketing tools, enhanced customer insights and detailed sales reports to optimise the sales cycle, enhance the efficiency of sales and marketing functions and generate new revenue.

Access improved customer insights

The nifty dashboard brings together multiple data sources in a unified, real time view of your customers and prospects, with smart insights to help identify new opportunities.

Automated marketing processes

Reach customers when it matters to them, with sophisticated marketing campaigns designed specifically for them – the smartest way to nurture leads and create cross selling and upselling opportunities.

Improve customer experience

With personalised and virtual interactions you can achieve better response times with virtual agents and provide customer service teams with the information they need, when they need it.

Improve sales team performance

Intelligent insights straight to your managers to maximise the performance of the sales team and win more deals.

Tailored to your business

This flexible solution can be deployed in the cloud or at your location and is adaptable for any size of business.

open quotes

We needed an integrated system to generate more sales, improve customer service and streamline processes.

Dynamics 365 has delivered this and much more to totally revolutionise our operations and ultimately generate better outcomes for our Business. We certainly made the correct decision.

Niall O'Donohoe, Managing Director