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Power Virtual Agents

Create intelligent, easy to build chatbots

Power up your customer experience with Microsoft’s personalised, rich and helpful chatbot service.

For more complex requirements, our technical team are by your side.

The chatbot has infinite resources which means you can respond to queries with zero delays using natural language processing and intelligently integrate with other apps and services.  Together we can build, manage and update chatbots as you need them – you don’t even need coding experience.

Many people spend lots of time dealing with repetitive queries – whether employees asking a question of HR or customers sending in the same question – all this can be automated with ease.

Benefits of Power Virtual Agents

More efficient allocation of resources

Removing these repetitive tasks means that staff can focus where it matters. Reallocating resources to improving customer experience or smashing objectives.

Improve response times

Chatbot resources are infinite, so there is literally a never ending capacity to answer questions with zero delays – a great trick to have up your sleeve when handling spikes in capacity.

Ensure consistent responses

No matter how much training, staff will put their own personality on responses, it’s only human. With chatbots you can ensure consistent messaging and amend standard responses immediately, and at scale. A compliance teams’ dream scenario.

Build scalable chatbots as and when

Most clients initially deploy on a small scale, to meet a specific need. Once they see how great they are, chatbots then become part of the solution for any changes or improvements to processes.

Enhanced customer experience

Whilst bringing efficiencies, chatbots are also very powerful at enhancing customer experience -whether for help desk, customer services, sales and accounts functions.

Get the best of both worlds and enhance customer or employee experience whilst realising cost efficiencies across your business.

open quotes

We needed a telephone system at Payac that our team could use anywhere, not just when they were in the office. We also needed enhanced flexibility and reduced costs.

The Microsoft Voice solution implemented by Procloud ticked all the boxes. It meets the needs of our business today and in the future.

Barry Feeney, Chief Financial Officer


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