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Simplify deployments, increase flexibility and reduce costs

SimpliVity is a hyperconverged architecture that goes beyond software-defined to AI driven, delivering self-managing, self-optimising and self-healing infrastructure.

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Pioneered by ProCloud because of its intelligence and innovation.

We are real experts in deploying SimpliVity to our clients and are passionate about sharing the benefits to other businesses – it literally transforms IT management and support operations by automating repetitive processes, enhancing customer experience and integrating storage, compute, networking and cloud management into one platform.

Enjoy an intelligent hyperconverged platform that speeds application performance, improves efficiency and resiliency, and backs up/restores in seconds – that’s why we recommend it.

Why choose ProCloud and SimpliVity

Guaranteed 90% capacity savings

With guaranteed capacity savings of 90% achieved by freeing up storage space and improving the performance of applications and backup processes, SimpliVity is extremely efficient.

Minimise business disruption

It has built in resiliency and high availability ensuring that your apps work when you need them. In the event of a disaster, one TB virtual machine can be restored in just seconds.

Endless possibilities

It is all controlled by a feature packed and intelligent dashboard which is great for troubleshooting and limitless scaling.

Operate more efficiently

SimpliVity can achieve significant efficiency savings for your business whilst boosting your resilience in every way possible. It really is remarkable.

Maximise resources and do more with less

SimpliVity delivers light solutions that are easy to manage but are still reliable and secure. You can scale as required without any loss of performance, you’ll get future-proof dependability, and you can maximise how you use your resources to provide better services to your customers and lower your costs.

HyperProtected – Backups in under a minute

With HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure and its built-in backup capability, it will take less than one minute, on average, to complete a local backup or local restore of a 1 TB VM.

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We needed to update our slow, unreliable, and costly to maintain legacy IT infrastructure to give us a platform to continue innovating in the agri-food sector. Procloud’s hyperconverged solution using HPE SimpliVity was the answer.

With this solution in place, our team is now able to operate more efficiently, we have reduced risks with better backup and disaster recovery systems, and we have scope to scale in the future without impacting performance. Our IT team is under less strain too.

David O'Sullivan, Head of IT


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