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Data Protection

For data that is always available and secure, ensuring robust disaster recovery processes and minimal downtime, ProCloud can help.

ProCloud Data Protection

The protection you need, wherever your data is

One of the most valuable assets in modern business is data and there is increasing reliance on its use to maintain efficient operations – ensuring staff have access to the information they need, for productivity and to deliver services to customers – all directly affecting the profitability of your business.

Data Protection from ProCloud

Safeguarding one of your most important assets.

Data can be vulnerable in a range of different ways, even if you have robust cybersecurity measures and advanced data protocols. Whatever level of IT infrastructure in your organisation and however it is configured, you need a tailored data protection solution that will ensure you can quickly recovery when disaster strikes.

Data protection is our specialty here at Procloud. Our solutions are designed for your business with precisely the level of protection you need.

Why you can trust ProCloud to create a tailored Data Protection solution for your business

  • Highly reliable backup and recovery for your data, servers, virtual infrastructure and cloud.
  • Fully tailored and configured for your business.
  • Built using industry-leading platforms and technologies from vendors like Microsoft,  HPE, VMware, CloudAlly etc.
  • Off-site backup solutions with reliable and tested recovery points.
  • Fast recovery of data whenever it is required.
  • Cross industry compliance expertise so we can provide valuable advice and support to develop sensible data protection solutions that meet your requirements.
  • Full support from the ProCloud team to ensure rapid business continuity.
  • Proactive data management from our expert team.

When disaster strikes you need a data protection solution that ensures your business can quickly recover. Our expert team can help.

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Security is such a hot topic now we required a security overview of our entire organisation to allow us identify and respond to threats before they can harm our business.

With Azure Sentinel we have a low maintenance intelligent SIEM which monitors security across our organisation.

Carmel O'Hare, Head of Information Systems

Monaghan County Council