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HPE Infosight Infrastructure Management

Manage your IT infrastructure with HPE Infosight

HPE Infosight is an AI platform that delivers automated infrastructure management, problem-solving and optimisation through advanced predictive analytics.

With HPE infosight Procloud can identify and correct problems before they occur

IT infrastructure downtime or disruptions can seriously affect performance and when problems occur, your IT team has to react quickly, but may have poor and incomplete data without visibility they need.

The days of your IT team reacting to problems and manually managing the optimising of your infrastructure is over. With AI-powered intelligence, equipment, applications and platforms are continuously monitored – predicting potential problems and resolving them before they happen.

What HPE Infosight can deliver


The autonomous infrastructure management solution that will end downtime and application disruption.


Transform your business to a predictive support model, where issues are identified and resolved across all aspects of your infrastructure before they have an impact.


With visibility across your entire infrastructure, regardless of its complexity, while the AI technology tirelessly works to optimise performance making for intelligent and autonomous, constantly self-improving full infrastructure stack.

Why choose HPE Insight?

Maximise uptime

HPE Infosight delivers 99.9999 percent availability.

Spend less time resolving IT Infrastructure issues

86 percent of issues are resolved automatically. For those issues that require IT support, they will be resolved fast.

Benefit from the intelligence of the crowd

Data is used from your infrastructure alongside hundreds of thousands of other systems around the world to make your infrastructure smarter, more self-sufficient and better optimised.

Your entire IT infrastructure will benefit

HPE Infosight can see everything across your whole infrastructure stack and on every system – from virtual machines to storage, the platform gets to work identifying performance issues and resources that are not fully utilised.

Focus on predicting instead of reacting

HPE Infosight does the heavy lifting so you can redirect resources to areas that drive future benefits and added value for your business.

Enhanced infrastructure oversight

Your business uses a variety of systems, platforms, and applications, locally, on remote devices, at the edge, and in the cloud. With HPE Infosight, you will have instant visibility across your entire infrastructure in one place, consolidating oversight of your IT resources.

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Reliability, Availability & Serviceability is critical to the successful management of our infrastructure environment. Having insight into our technology platform via automated infrastructure management allows us to identify and correct problems before they happen.

HPE Infosight delivered by ProCloud gives us this and much more ultimately allowing us to spend less time resolving IT issues.

Rob O'Longphuirt, Solution Architect, Acomguy