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Azure Files

Easy and secure file share in the cloud

A fully managed customisable and serverless solution to store and share files. Using industry standard protocols (SMB and NFS), Azure File Shares are hosted in the cloud as well as on premises.

Migrate your Windows file server with Simple, secure and serverless enterprise grade cloud files shares

Fully managed file sharing service

There is no capital expenditure, IT maintenance, operating systems or updates to worry about and with easy lift and shift with no downtime, you can make better use of your IT resources with this durable and flexible system that is designed specifically for your business.

Azure files use cases

Move applications, data or both and create shared resources that improve collaboration whilst centralising configuration, metrics and log files.

of Azure Files

Shared access

Using industry-standard protocols, you can share file systems whenever you need shareability, with capabilities across machines, instances, and applications. Azure file shares can easily replace on-premises solutions.

In-built redundancy

All stored data is highly durable and automatically replicated. Duplication of data can be locally redundant or redundant in more than one location – all data is protected.

Make better use of IT resources

An alternative to on-premises file shares with no hardware to manage – ensuring more efficient and effective use of your IT.

Scripting and tooling

Use other Azure applications such as CLI and PowerShell cmdlets, Azure Storage Explorer and Azure Portal to create, mount and manage your file shares.

Easy to programme

Data can be accessed using file systems I/O APIs within the share by any applications running in Azure to improve the migration of existing applications.

Support from an expert team

At ProCloud, we are known for our no fuss, first class support to help our clients accelerate their journey to smarter, simple IT.

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Security is such a hot topic now we required a security overview of our entire organisation to allow us identify and respond to threats before they can harm our business.

With Azure Sentinel we have a low maintenance intelligent SIEM which monitors security across our organisation.

Carmel O'Hare, Head of Information Systems

Monaghan County Council