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Azure Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your data and business operations

At ProCloud we pride ourselves on making IT simple for our clients – by listening and providing the exact services that they need in a way they can understand them.

When it comes to disaster recovery, it is more important than ever to be clear and precise about what might happen in such an occasion.

With Azure we provide reliable protection, specifically for your business needs. The most important elements of any disaster recovery plan are to recover your applications as soon as possible, with a recovery point as recent as possible. Having a backup of data is not enough when there is a significant outage, so we make sure your data is backed up and secure and that your applications continue running during planned and unplanned outages. We do this in a straightforward manner, on one central interface – even in the most complex of situations.

No matter how complex, deployment will be straightforward with Azure. The backup solutions are scalable with customised policies and protocols to suit your business needs – entirely on one central interface.

Why choose Azure Backup & Disaster Recovery?


Protect your business from the risk of disaster by enabling full recovery in the cloud on a pay as you go basis


Protect, manage, and access your data more efficiently by availing of a cloud based off premise solution


Fast to deploy, easily scalable and robust back yup and recovery processes

Benefits of Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

Secure and protect your data

Replicate applications and protect data as you need. All backups remain completely secure in line with Microsoft’s security features.

Improve compliance

Regular testing that has no impact on daily business operations is a straightforward process – keeping more than just your compliance team happy.

Minimise application downtime following IT disaster

This ‘best in class’ solution is cloud based which eliminates costs for off-site data centres and with our support, we ensure ongoing maintenance costs are also minimised.

Reduce infrastructure and IT management costs

The fact that it’s cloud based means that capital expenditure is totally eliminated. No off site data centres – and with our support, ongoing maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Fully customisable

It really is, according to your business and how it operates – a one click backup can capture everything from databases to virtual machines and on-premises VMware machines.

Reduce business risk

This service is all about minimising risk – including financial risk. Every minute you don’t operate, costs in time, resource and reputation – our job is to minimise risk.

open quotes

I am very pleased to endorse ProCloud’s Microsoft Azure backup service including the ongoing support of us at Westward Scania which is excellent. Procloud have helped us fully recover from two critical server down situations, the first caused by MS updates breaking required functionality, and the second due to a SQL TCP port misconfiguration by an external IT Support vendor.

Our separate replication/DR service didn’t have a retention period long enough to recover the image we required, so ProCloud’s Azure backups got us back to exactly where we needed for this important internal reporting server. 10/10 for attention to customer’s requirements and for ongoing service.

Ray McDonnell, IT Manager