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Power BI

Power BI is a cloud based Business Intelligence tool that allows you to analyse data from multiple different sources.

It has the ability to create real-time interactive dashboards that gives you a 360° degree view of your business.

Power BI from ProCloud

Unlock the potential of Power BI with tailored solutions from the ProCloud Data Analytics Team

With the help of our experienced team of Data Analysts and BI consultants. ProCloud can transform the way your business accesses, analyses, and uses its data with interactive, intuitive and intelligent dashboards with the power to put your data to work with built-in AI functionality, Excel integration, and more.

Practical applications
of Power BI


Aggregate data from multiple different sources into one Dashboard, so you have an organisation-wide view of the information that matters.


Automate repetitive reporting process, allowing you to free up staff time to concentrate on other core tasks within the business.


Real-time insights into your company’s performance, allowing you to track up to date business data against KPI’s.

Benefits of Power BI

Visualise your Data

The crowning feature of Power BI is the immersive and interactive visuals and reports, which can be customised to meet the exact needs of any enterprise.

Real-time Information

Power BI enables  you to setup automatic data refreshes, allowing all users to avail of the latest information. Data can be refreshed up to 8 times a day with Power BI Pro, and up to 48 times a day with Power BI Premium.

Analyse, Act &Automate

By integrating with the other products in Microsoft’s Power Platform, including Power Apps and Power Automate, your business can turn the insights that Power BI delivers into business actions that can automate workflows, improve productivity and increase efficiencies.

Integrates seamlessly with existing applications:

Power BI integrates easily with your existing business environment allowing you to easily adopt analytics and reporting capabilities.

Aggregates Data from Multiple Sources

Power BI enables you to aggregate data from multiple different sources to give you an organization wide view of your business.

Secure Publishing & Sharing

Power BI leverages Microsoft’s inbuilt security features to give you piece of mind when sharing reports both inside and outside your organisation.

Move forward with AI

The potential of AI (artificial intelligence) in all industries is significant . In Power BI, you can use AI Insights to gain access to a collection of pre-trained machine learning models that enhance your data preparation efforts.

open quotes

ProCloud understood our challenges and developed a cost-effective, automated solutions that’s user-friendly and reliable.

Power BI reporting has freed up our staff to spend more time on core tasks that are crucial to supporting our clients.

Barry Feeney, Chief Financial Officer


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