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IT Consulting

When planning for the future and taking key decisions related to IT in your business, it is important you get the right advice, guidance, and support. At ProCloud, we provide this through our consulting services.

Expert consultancy services to future proof your IT

Transform your organisation and plan for the future with ProCloud IT consultancy services. Advanced technical expertise made simple to power your business.

Advice, guidance and support for all IT decision making

Whether you need to transform your IT today or you are planning for the future, we can help at Procloud. Our consultancy services are flexible to deliver on your specific requirements and we always follow through on recommendations to make your business work smarter.

Our extensive expertise is relayed to you in a language you can understand, this is particularly important for any non IT specialists in your business who are involved in decision making. We make sure we always give straightforward advice, without jargon, so everyone can clearly understand what any changes will mean for the business.

Providing all kinds of support, from independent advice on design, configuration and optimisation of your existing and planned IT landscape, to conducting total cost of ownership studies to creating a roadmap map for your transition to cloud computing.

Why you can trust ProCloud’s honest support and advice for your IT decision making

  • Expert guidance you need to nurture your business.
  • Independent advice ensuring the best solution for you – whatever platform, system or equipment is leveraged.
  • An intelligent, outside view of your operations to identify opportunities and weaknesses.
  • Save money with our assessment of your current IT infrastructure.
  • Ensure the security of your IT meets best practice standards with expert advice on protecting your infrastructure, data and applications.
  • Our mission is to make your business more productive and efficient.
  • IT infrastructure that can meet the demands of your business – whatever they are.
  • Access to the exceptional, broad ranging experience within the ProCloud team – giving you access to the experts you need, when you need them.

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We were looking for a Strategic Partner to assist us in provisioning a new cost effective, robust and secure infrastructure environment with high availability to support our dynamic and rapidly growing business.

Procloud’s hyperconverged solution based on HPE SimpliVity meets all of our needs and more; we have been extremely impressed by ProCloud’s professional approach throughout the implementation and ongoing support of the platform.  We have no regrets.

Lorraine Harrison, Director of IT Services

Graham Group

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