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Cloud Solutions

Cloud technologies have advanced at record speed, offering organisations huge opportunities like never before to make operations more efficient and productive.

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Bespoke cloud solutions with big productivity gains

No matter what your business does or what your requirements are, we deliver cloud solutions that transform your operations to bring big efficiency savings and better productivity whilst making your IT infrastructure more logical and straightforward.

Our mission is to provide innovative technology solutions through the expertise and dedication of our people .

Transform your business with the power of the cloud

IT infrastructure management doesn’t need to be complex and with tools that automate workflows, power remote working, enhance collaboration and deliver a better service to your clients, we are sure that the move to cloud is the right thing to do.

Our Cloud architects will get under the skin of your business to really understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and then create a bespoke solution to deliver a tangible return on investment for your business.

We partner with the best cloud technology providers for world class results, while reducing costs compared to owning on-premises infrastructure.

Why choose ProCloud for Cloud Solutions?

  • Get the best out of world class platforms Microsoft, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware and more.
  • Blend public, private and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Access critical data and applications from anywhere, on any device
  • Enterprise levels of security and access control
  • Reduce IT capital infrastructure costs
  • Less complex, simplified IT infrastructure management
  • Better backup and disaster recovery
  • Better IT infrastructure resilience, scalability and flexibility
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To stay competitive in our cutting-edge industry, we needed to modernise the IT in our business, improving functionality, access, and security, while reducing costs. Procloud developed a cloud-based solution that delivered on all these objectives.

Now we have an IT infrastructure that is fully managed and more cost-effective, and that meets the needs of our business.

Paul Davey, Head of Information Systems

Atlantic Therapeutics

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