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Identity and access management

Protect identities, application access and data

This intelligent, agile and holistic solution protects identity and maximises security of all systems, applications and individuals.

The single identity and security solution for your business

Technology drives business change but it brings security challenges – with multiple people accessing multiple apps with various levels of access requirements.

This tool substantially reduces the challenges and is easy to deploy with ProCloud to give you the control, oversight and flexibility that you need.

Your team only need to remember one set of log-in details which is configured to give the right level of access and control, to the right people.

Why choose Identity and Access Management?

Optimise security policies

Define, implement and monitor security policies and protocols that make sense to your business.

Central management and oversight

All access is managed centrally to Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications with detailed security insights and reporting.

Enhance security while simplifying authorised access

Connect all applications with a single sign-on access and secure authentication, with a zero trust policy to ensure verified access and protect your people and organisation from attacks.

Boost IT efficiency and overall business productivity

IT security is a complex balancing act, at ProCloud we aim to take that pressure away from you and provide no nonsense and cost-effective solutions to your business needs with the right level of oversight so you can manage your operations with ease.

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Management of funding streams in our Roads Deparment can be challenging to ensure that budget allocations for our Municipal Districts are correctly aligned with the various works schemes as they progress through the calendar year.



However, we didn’t have the data we needed to make these decisions in time. With the data analytics dashboard developed by Procloud, we now have the information we need to ensure County Cavan can benefit from its full grant allocation.

Enda Tiernan, Head of Information Systems

Cavan County Council

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