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Greenlake “as a Service”

The benefits of public cloud for IT Infrastructure with Greenlake

Greenlake is a demand driven payment model that beefs up IT infrastructure service to bring agility, flexibility and speed of the cloud to on-premises systems.

The cloud that comes to you wherever your apps and data live

Businesses tend to store data and apps in co-locations and datacentres so a total move to cloud might not give the peace of mind that an on premises set up does when considering compliance, latency and application dependency.

Greenlake brings the best of both with the agility of the cloud to your on-premises systems, including in the datacentre, colocations, and at the edge. At Procloud, we will fully optimise HPE Greenlake for your business requirements, enhancing your ability to deploy innovative technologies and modernise your infrastructure – and you retain complete control.

How Greenlake transforms the way you work


You only pay for what you need and consume. Get the agility and financial flexibility your business needs to move faster.


There’s no large upfront investment. Instead, a pay-per-use model with the system delivered and managed as-a-service – and full view of everything, without having to manage the platform.


This is hybrid infrastructure-as-a-service, built for the way you want to do business.

Better use of resources

Faster, more effective and simpler solutions than traditional on-premises or hybrid IT models – with resilience, availability and reliability built-in. Giving your team the time to focus on innovation and adding value to your business.

Reduce costs

The future of IT is consumption-based models – with the Greenlake platform, you can jump straight in.

Pay-as-you-use, no upfront capital investment and no overprovisioning.

Completely aligned to your business needs

Works with other HPE and third-party technologies too and is instantly scalable as and when your requirements change.

IT that responds faster than your business

Are you making moves as fast as you should be? Are you ahead of the pack? Is your IT holding you back? Ask us for a demonstration on how Greenlake could help you.

Improve your agility

Speed and agility are two of the main benefits of cloud infrastructure. Greenlake brings all this and more to your on-premises, colocation and edge IT – enabling faster deployment of services and apps and all the capacity you need without any waste.

Maintain control

With Greenlake, you will retain full control over data, privacy, compliance, security, and latency.

open quotes

Public Cloud has obvious benefits however concerns regarding performance, security and control led us to keep our infrastructure on premise. Our challenge was to deliver a Public cloud like experience but behind our firewall allowing us the flexibility, agility and speed required to service our business.

ProCloud delivered this cloud like experience to our on premise systems and we have not looked back.

Jack Doyle, Head of Information Systems

Waterford City and County Council