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HPE Compute

Modernise your IT infrastructure

HPE servers provide the foundation of intelligent software-defined infrastructure, with unmatched workload optimisation, security and automation – managed and supported by AI driven operations.

Our hybrid cloud server solutions give you unparalleled control, security, and agility across your infrastructure

The ProCloud team are experts with HPE products and will fully customise and deploy seamlessly into your business. The software defined infrastructure allows you to predict and resolve problems before they happen whilst optimising performance at all levels. The benefits of AI will transform the management of your infrastructure and in turn make support functions more efficient.

Why chose ProCloud and HPE Compute?

You can trust Procloud to provide honest, expert reliable solutions

Our job at ProCloud is to understand your unique requirements and build a fully customised and optimised solution to ensure the most efficient management of your datacentre.

You can do more and do it faster

Optimise workload performance and achieve efficiency savings that lead the industry in terms of security and performance with intelligent automation that continuously analyses your configuration and recommends how to enhance that performance.

Solutions for all requirements

Available for all server options such as rack and tower servers, composable and hyperconverged systems, bladed infrastructure and high performance computing solutions, HPE Compute is fully adaptable to your needs, with the ability to manage servers from anywhere with real time data reporting to speed up decision making.

Optimisated configuration for maximum performance

Through one dashboard you can manage all rack servers and with intelligent automation of HPE Compute, your configuration is continuously analysed to enhance that performance and achieve ongoing efficiencies.

open quotes

We looked across Ireland for an IT services provider to deliver a customised hyperconverged compute solution to increase the efficiency of our IT infrastructure.

ProCloud’s hybrid cloud was the ideal solution. The expertise, guidance, and support of the ProCloud team also ensured a smooth transition to the new system.

Sachin Pol, Infrastructure & Technology Manager

Chanelle Pharmaceuticals