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Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Get scale and flexibility with Azure Infrastructure as a Service

With Azure Infrastructure as a Service, you only pay for the resources you need, and only when you need them.

Deployed quickly and at scale to manage hybrid environments and benefit from hyperconverged efficiencies.

Microsoft Azure is used in more regions than any other and offers endless scalable possibilities for your business, prioritising open source frameworks and hybrid environments, offering more than 100 services to build, deploy and manage applications.

We’ve selected the best of their product range to provide our clients with all the tools they need to manage and push their business forward, no matter what the future holds.

Why Choose Azure Infrastructure as a Service?


Focus on core business priorities
High performing servers, storage, networking for running applications, data analysis and backup and recovery, all operate in the cloud which means that they are always up to date and accessible anywhere with security protocols and customisation you can rely on.


Take IT up a gear
Long term optimised IT management – always up to date, secure and fully available whenever and wherever you need it.


Improve remote working
Azure IaaS deploys virtual desktops and apps across your remote workforce with zero compromise on security and access.

Benefits of Azure Infrastructure as a Service

Save money

Now is the time to make your IT function more effective and productive whilst also being able to accurately forecast predictable costs based on the exact requirements of your business – with no wasted IT infrastructure resources at all.

Ensure business continuity

In addition, risks associated with disaster recovery and data loss are significantly reduced with cloud backups which ensure fast recovery times along with leading protection from attacks.

Respond quickly, innovate seamlessly

If you need to respond quickly to market conditions or customer requirements, or maybe launch a new service or product – Azure IaaS makes it possible. It’s a sophisticated computing infrastructure with minimal delays – what used to take months can now be achieved in hours.

Adaptable to you

Azure IaaS isn’t just any cloud computing solution. It is totally adapted to the needs of your business with tools and functionality to manage IT infrastructure across multiple clouds on your premises and at the edge.

Improve reliability and stability

There’s really no need to worry about maintaining your own hardware, software or troubleshooting equipment. ProCloud work to SLAs approved by you to deliver the maximum reliability and stability.

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IT has become increasingly important to accountants over recent years, and the technology continues to improve.

ProCloud provides us with a Cloud managed IT service enabling us to deliver high-quality levels of service to our clients. Plus, the support we get from the ProCloud team is excellent.

John O'Connell, Managing Director