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Enterprise mobility and security

Secure systems and data on any device

The rise of mobile devices has transformed the way we live and work and whilst they aid efficiency and productivity, they also present security risks.

Why choose enterprise mobility and security?


Empower flexible and secure working
Allowing for secure flexible working, this tool comes with a single sign-on functionality backed up by multi-factor authentication for added security whilst making access simple for your team.


Fully managed and secure mobile working
Control over who accesses what and when - data is monitored for the whole journey – when it is in transit, when it arrives at the destination and after use.


Facilitate anytime, anywhere working
The reality for many job roles today, but how secure is your IT? With this tool you can relax in the comfort that access to applications is totally secure, at all times.

The Benefits
of Enterprise Mobility and Security

Highly flexible

This customisable, scalable and highly flexible cloud-based solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 apps and protects company applications and data from unauthorised access, then controlling access to that data.

Reduce business risk

The risk of data breaches is much higher when mobile devices are used outside of your normal infrastructure. This tools brings those devices into the fold giving you control over any associated risk.

Fully customisable

It’s easily integrated into both common and uncommon applications and is fully customisable to your needs.

Easy to access for authorised users

Just one login for all applications, making it easier for your people to access and keep working.

Reduce costs

Managing and maintaining mobile devices can be resource intensive – with our support we can simplify this process whilst saving you money.

Maximise on the go productivity

Empower your team to do what they do best to maximise productivity and make the most of flexible working.

Improving your security has never been easier.

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Allowing for secure flexible working by enabling enterprise security such as Multi-factor authentication and Single sign on was critical to allowing our users operate in a mobile environment.

ProCloud designed and implemented robust enterprise mobility and security policies to facilitate  anytime, anywhere remote working.

Keith Moran, Managing Director

SL Controls