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Disaggregated Hyperconverged Infrastructure (d-HCI)

The simplicity of Hyperconverged infrastructure with the ability to independently scale, compute, network and storage

For the most demanding workloads and applications, dHCI can significantly simplify the management of your IT infrastructure.

HCI SimpliVity but with better performance, availability and efficiency

This solution has so much to offer and Procloud are the perfect partners to help you get the job done. Particularly beneficial for workloads with unpredictable growth, dHCI delivers substantial efficiency savings with maximum optimisation and it is easy to deploy – you can go from rack to apps in just 15 minutes, eliminating hundreds of manual steps.

The system is simple to manage. Software defined resources, continuous intelligent monitoring of performance and 99.9999% (six – nines) availability. And it’s scaled with ease through server and storage auto-discovery, transparent upgrades and auto-provision and configuration.

Why you should choose DHCI

Optimise everything

Everything is optimised by preventing the over provisioning of service, for example, storage costs can be cut by up to 50%.

No compromises or trade offs

Traditional systems require constant tuning to balance performance and capacity, however dHCI takes care of the optimisation itself.

Maximise resilience and availability

Latency measured in sub-milliseconds are made possible through HPE’s all-flash solutions. And it’s resilient too, with no single point of failure to bring down the system.

Scale efficiently and effectively

There are no limits with this platform, you can scale quickly and efficiently to suit your needs – independently scaling performance and capacity to give varying workloads the flexibility they need.

Predict and prevent disruptions

Your traditional set up will be used to handling disruption, which means firefighting to keep business critical services up and running. That’s not the case with dHCI – it predicts problems and then prevents disruption.

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Security is such a hot topic now we required a security overview of our entire organisation to allow us identify and respond to threats before they can harm our business.

With Azure Sentinel we have a low maintenance intelligent SIEM which monitors security across our organisation.

Carmel O'Hare, Head of Information Systems

Monaghan County Council