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Management Automation with vRealize Suite

Hybrid cloud management that puts you in control

Fast, agile and scalable infrastructure and application management that puts you in complete control, with automation options, improved oversight and much more.

Comprehensive management for private & public cloud and physical infrastructure

vRealize Suite takes the process of managing your organisation’s infrastructure to a whole new level. It’s packed with all the management, visibility and reporting functionality that you need along with self-driving and automation features that take on many of the tasks within your current IT function.

At Procloud, we can provision, configure and optimise vRealize to improve performance and availability, and reduce infrastructure management costs in your business.

What is included?


vRealize Operations is an AI-powered IT operations management utility with self-driving capabilities and its job is to continuously optimise performance, manage and plan costs and manage capacity.


vRealize Automation automates and semi-automates many IT functions, including application and infrastructure provisioning to improve reliability, agility and consistency.


vRealize Log Insight provides visibility over your infrastructure and analytics, while vRealize Lifecycle Manager improves operational stability to deliver productivity gains in your business.

Benefits of Management Automation with vRealize Suite

Better returns

See a significant return on investment from the self-driving, automation, and continuous improvement functionality along with better performance, consistency and availability.

Agile and more efficient IT management operations

Automate and semi-automate the delivery of IT services and the lifecycle management of your infrastructure to react faster to market conditions and improve the efficiency of your IT management function.

Better organised

vRealize Suites stand out feature is that it is proactive , which means that it manages and optimises your IT and resolve issues continuously.


Enforce consistent security and compliance standards according to your requirements for on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments and more.

The control you need

IT management is often about striking balance of many factors including agility, capacity, cost and risk. With our support at Procloud and vRealize Suite, you will have the level of management control that you need to find that sweet spot.

Ensures your IT infrastructure delivers what your business needs.

Your IT needs functional, scalable, highly available and fully optimised IT to achieve your goals, deliver for your customers and remain profitable – this is all possible with vRealize Suite.

open quotes

Procloud implemented a hyperconverged infrastructure solution that replaced our inefficient and costly legacy infrastructure. This improved the performance of our IT while also modernising it in line with our strategic objectives.

The hyperconverged solution Procloud implemented was based on HPE SimpliVity, so it boosted our disaster recovery processes while also significantly reducing our IT management overheads.

Neville John, IT Manager


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