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Payac is a company owned by credit unions in Ireland. It provides current accounts, debit cards, and a range of other services to credit unions around the country.


Payac had a traditional, fixed telephone system that no longer served the needs of the business. It wasn’t flexible enough for Payac’s requirements, it was expensive, and it wasn’t compatible with remote working.


After learning more about the needs of Payac, we recommended Microsoft Voice as the most suitable solution. Our team then implemented Microsoft Voice in Payac, giving the company full VoIP capabilities and eliminating the need for a traditional landline service.

Microsoft VoIP is designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. It makes it possible for Payac to have one telephone number that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. This makes it ideal for remote working and other situations where flexibility is required. It is also packed with features, and it costs less than a landline telephone service.


Payac now has a telephone system that adapts to the needs of the business. It is also less costly, easier to manage, and easier to maintain.

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We have had a landline telephone system for years, but it was increasingly becoming frustrating to use. It was expensive, and we had to be in the office to use it.

What we needed instead was a VoIP solution that our staff could use to make and receive phone calls when working from anywhere, including from home.

Procloud implemented Microsoft Voice to meet our telephony requirements. Our telephone number can now be accessed by our staff wherever they are located, improving the service we offer to customers. Our costs have also been reduced too.

Barry Feeney, Chief Financial Officer