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Cyber Security

Protect your applications and IT infrastructure from malicious threats

Every business faces constant IT security threats – do you have the protection you need?

Safeguard your operations with a robust security program deployed by ProCloud.

Protect your data, applications, and IT infrastructure with our leading IT security solutions

Cybersecurity is a significant challenge for businesses of all sizes and in all industries – to keep infrastructure safe from threats whilst achieving productivity and efficiency gains, and all in a compliant manner.

At ProCloud, we can ensure the proactive protection of your systems and data using industry-leading platforms and our extensive in-house expertise.

Managed IT Security Services

Managed IT security services

How do you enable flexible working while maintaining application access control and protecting your data?

How do you protect against malicious acts without hindering legitimate business activities? How do you prevent accidental data breaches that occur through well-intentioned actions?

These are just some of the challenges that exist. At Procloud, we offer expertly managed IT security solutions tailored precisely for your business.

Using tools from industry leading providers at ProCloud we protect your data and systems to ensure your business can function efficiently with optimal levels of performance

Why choose ProCloud to manage your IT security?

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of your IT systems by our ISO 27001 certified team.
  • Advanced security solutions that go beyond firewalls and similar perimeter defenses.
  • Fast response to incidents to ensure minimal impact.
  • Solutions that ensure you meet your compliance requirements.
  • Reduce risks in your business – including the risk of data loss, interruptions to critical business functions and reputational risks.
  • Expert security assessments to identify strengths, weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Penetration testing to check the robustness of your security protocols.
  • Improved levels of security with lower costs.

Are you at risk of a ransomware attack or data breach? Contact us for an expert security assessment

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Cybersecurity is of crucial importance both to us to reduce business risks, as well as to our customers, as many of our customers operate in regulated sectors.

Procloud developed a solution that provided us with advanced threat protection and industry-leading identity security, as well as protection for our applications and data.

Keith Moran, Managing Director

SL Controls

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