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Data Storage

Intelligent data storage designed for your business

HPE data storage is built for the intelligent era – delivering ultra fast AI-driven, game changing results through the automation of infrastructure and data management to unlock hidden insights.

Automate data and infrastructure management

The storage solutions will transform your business, reducing hardware and management costs with better oversight and control.

Our cloud storage options enable you to handle increased workloads, scale your operation, improve performance, or prepare for business expansion. As our solutions are software-defined, they are highly flexible while offering enterprise-levels of security.

The benefits of HPE Data Storage

Future proof your IT

A ProCloud we have expert knowledge of which storage systems are best to power your business and provide the speed and service you need whilst reducing both hardware and management costs, with better oversight and performance.

Simplify your IT infrastructure and save time and money

Processes now take hours instead of days and are built for on premise and cloud applications. We will configure according to your business needs to ensure efficient and smooth movement of data and seamless integration with Azure and other cloud native APIs.

Making data work for you

Application performance is crucial to productivity and operational efficiency. With HPE Storage, your apps run smoothly with company wide visibility and performance improving predictive analytics.

Flexible and agile

Storage is scalable, effective and affordable for any size of operation and ensures maximum reliability for all applications, making for a smooth transition to digital.

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We needed to update our slow, unreliable, and costly to maintain legacy IT infrastructure to give us a platform to continue innovating in the agri-food sector. Procloud’s hyperconverged solution using HPE SimpliVity was the answer.

With this solution in place, our team is now able to operate more efficiently, we have reduced risks with better backup and disaster recovery systems, and we have scope to scale in the future without impacting performance. Our IT team is under less strain too.

David O'Sullivan, Head of IT


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