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Microsoft SharePoint

Manage information intelligently with SharePoint

SharePoint empowers your team to collaborate and share any kind of information, whether knowledge, resources, data, files or news. At ProCloud, we adopted this tool early so we understand it in minute detail and are able to customise SharePoint to release its full potential to your business.

Secure, fully customisable and feature packed mobile intranets are here

Everyday tasks become easier with SharePoint, no matter where your people are located – particularly for tasks like document reviews and approvals, file management and sharing.

What SharePoint can do for your business


By creating team sites for your projects and business units you can easily share and access information.


Productivity can sky rocket when you automate processes and workflows with SharePoint which all helps you harness internal knowledge and keep your people engaged in a collaborative and enriching environment.


Essential everyday tasks are so much easier with SharePoint’s consistent and user experience – sharing information and resources, document approvals, managing files – you won’t ever look back.

Why choose Sharepoint?

One system for everything

It can be used as an intranet, document management system and everything in between and is fully integrated into other Microsoft and third party apps, with the essential functionality such as setting access rules and audits as standard.

Helpfully compliant

Full control over information and data, at all times, and this part is customisable too. You can set access rules and levels, carry out audits, customise expiration settings and all kinds of other little tricks to help make your IT, your IT.

Fully customisable

Our experience tells us that no two installations of SharePoint are ever the same. This super flexible and versatile tool will be adapted perfectly for your business by the ProCloud team right down to reflecting your brand, values and mission.

A streamlined flow of information

SharePoint is here to make accessing information and sharing it, easy. Built in cloud storage, information is accessible from anywhere at any time – resulting in efficiency savings, enhanced productivity and improved workflows.

Distribute your knowledge and expertise

Every business has in-depth knowledge and expertise, but is it distributed effectively? You’re likely to have pockets and silos dotted here and there – this is where SharePoint comes in – it helps you break down those silos and spreads the knowledge business wide, or specifically where you want it.

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Cybersecurity is of crucial importance both to us to reduce business risks, as well as to our customers, as many of our customers operate in regulated sectors.

Procloud developed a solution that provided us with advanced threat protection and industry-leading identity security, as well as protection for our applications and data.

Keith Moran, Managing Director

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