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Aurivo is an agricultural co-operative with interests in a range of areas, including dairy, consumer foods, sports nutrition, retail, livestock marts, and animal nutrition. It has 650 employees and a turnover in excess of €400m.


Aurivo is a highly innovative business that has helped to transform the agri-food sector in Ireland, but it was running on legacy systems that were no longer delivering the level of performance the company needed. There wasn’t enough processing power, so applications and processes ran extremely slowly. This also led to excessive management resources being required to keep everything operational.

Furthermore, it had a disaster recovery system that was also no longer fit for purpose as it was contracted out to a third-party provider and was expensive.

Aurivo wanted to upgrade its IT infrastructure in line with its budget. It also wanted to minimise the IT resources required to manage the system.


We presented a hyperconverged solution to Aurivo using HPE SimpliVity. This solution greatly simplified the company’s IT infrastructure, with four nodes replacing multiple racks of outdated servers. With this infrastructure in place, we optimised and automated Aurivo’s backup processes according to the needs of the business, and we brought disaster recovery in-house. We added HPE InfoSight and predictive analytics to the solution, too, giving Aurivo real-time oversight of its entire IT infrastructure, disaster recovery, and backups, as well as enabling the ongoing analysis of future requirements.


All the problems that Aurivo was having with its legacy infrastructure were solved with the HPE SimpliVity solution that we put in place. Back-up and disaster recovery processes are now faster, more reliable, and less costly.

The company’s IT infrastructure is now easier to manage, too, and there have been significant performance improvements with users at all levels of the company and in all locations reporting increases in speed and reliability.

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We pride ourselves on innovation here at Aurivo, but our IT infrastructure was no longer fit for purpose.

It was costly, inefficient, and created unnecessary risks, while also limiting our potential for further innovation in the future.

Procloud developed and implemented a hyperconverged solution using HPE SimpliVity that modernised and simplified our IT infrastructure. It also dramatically improved performance as well as critical processes like backups and disaster recovery. We were able to reduce costs, too, plus our IT team is now able to deliver a top-class service to everyone in our agricultural co-operative, rather than spending their time putting out fires.

David O'Sullivan, Head of IT