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SL Controls provides systems integration and Industry 4.0 solutions to manufacturers in the medical device and pharmaceuticals industries.


SL Controls clients operate in highly regulated sectors, so all aspects of operations must take account of regulatory requirements. This adds an additional layer of complexity when introducing new technologies or software solutions for everything from improving efficiency and productivity to enhancing production capacity.

SL Controls must take these regulatory considerations into account not only when developing solutions for its clients, but also in the operation of its own business. This makes things like cybersecurity crucially important. Therefore, the company required an advanced threat protection solution that included full access control for all apps, systems, data, and devices, including mobile devices.


At ProCloud, we developed a solution for SL Controls based on the Microsoft Azure platform. That solution included Microsoft Defender to meet the company’s advanced threat protection requirements. It also included Azure’s Conditional Access solution and Intune Mobile Device Management to give SL Controls full control over who can access different elements of its system and when, as well as to automate some of those access control decisions.


The solution we developed provided SL Controls with the level of security it required for its IP and business, while also ensuring the company could meet the regulatory compliance requirements of its customers. SL Controls now has advanced protection for the identities of its users, as well as full, multi-level control of application and data access.

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SL Controls is a digital business operating in the cloud and providing digital solutions for our customers. Therefore, security is a core priority. We needed to make sure our systems and data are not only fully protected, but that we also have advanced control over who can access them.

We needed this control to both maintain security and ensure we can operate efficiently. We also have regulatory issues to consider, as most of our customers are international corporations operating in regulated sectors.

Procloud’s solution delivered on all our requirements. Whether our team is working remotely, at a client site, or in the office, we now have the level of identity, application, and data protection that we need.

Keith Moran, Managing Director

SL Controls