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Uniphar operates in the life sciences sector, providing specialist services to pharmaceutical and medical devices manufacturers. It is a large company, with €1.8 billion in revenues and a workforce of over 2,600 people. It is also a global company, so its employees are located in multiple locations around world.


Uniphar needs a robust and efficient IT infrastructure to continue with its ambitious plans and to ensure it can continue delivering for its clients. It also recognised the trend towards digital transformation, and it wanted to take advantage of a more connected workforce, increased automation, improved use of data, and the other benefits that digital transformation brings.

However, it had significant amounts of legacy IT infrastructure, much of which had developed and expanded without any comprehensive oversight of how everything integrates and works together. The management of that infrastructure was also inefficient, resource-intensive, and costly. Furthermore, the company wanted to improve its disaster recovery processes which, given the complexity of the organisation and the existing IT, were not as robust or effective as they needed to be.


Given the disparate nature of the workforce, the inefficiency of on-premises legacy infrastructure, and the current IT management overheads the company was incurring, we determined that a hyperconverged infrastructure solution would deliver the efficiency savings and levels of performance that Uniphar needs, while also reducing IT management costs.

Our hyperconverged infrastructure team at Procloud developed a bespoke solution for Uniphar using HPE SimpliVity.


The hyperconverged solution we implemented for Uniphar meant the company could finally do away with the legacy infrastructure that was proving so ineffective and inefficient. The solution also automated and semi-automated many processes, including workstation provisioning, freeing up IT resources and dramatically reducing IT management costs.

In addition, HPE SimpliVity delivered the levels of disaster recovery performance required by Uniphar. In fact, the company is now hyper-protected as HPE SimpliVity can backup or restore a virtual machine of over 1TB in about 60 seconds.

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As Uniphar has grown and expanded over the years, our IT infrastructure also grew and expanded. This left us with many legacy systems that were essential to operations but were costly to maintain and made it difficult to modernise our IT.

Industry leading virtualisation with simple and effective management was the primary reason we decided to move from Hyper-V to VMware.

Implemented and supported by ProCloud, with our SimpliVity Hyperconverged Platform we now have centralised management with significant improvements in performance, scalabiltiy and control. We certainly have no regrets.



Neville John, IT Manager