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Cavan County Council provides a range of local government services in Cavan, Ireland. The Roads Department within the council has responsibilities in relation to roads in the local area.


The Roads Department receives grant money to complete work on the roads infrastructure in the Cavan County Council area. This grant money is distributed by the department to the Municipal District Areas within the council for the work to be completed. If the money isn’t spent, it is lost. Therefore, if a Municipal District Area is not going to use its grant allocation, that money needs to be re-allocated to a different area to ensure it stays within the council for the benefit of the local community.

However, the Senior Executive Engineer who can make these grant re-allocation decisions did not have real-time access to expenditure data. This meant the engineer wasn’t able to react in time when an underspend was about to occur, resulting in lost grant money to the council.


The Roads Department in Cavan County Council needed a real-time, transparent reporting system. This reporting system had to provide the Senior Executive Engineer, other engineers, and managers in each of the Municipal District Areas with the information they needed to monitor grant allocation spend.

Our team at Procloud developed a solution using Microsoft’s Power BI business analytics system to create a bespoke, real-time dashboard for the council’s Roads Department. This dashboard surfaced all the required data in immersive visuals to deliver the level of detail that was needed.


The Senior Executive Engineer and others in the Roads Department of Cavan County Council can now track grant allocation spend in real-time whenever they need to. This allows for the timely re-allocation of funds when required, ensuring maximum benefit to the Cavan County Council area.

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Like other councils in Ireland, we receive grant money in the Roads Department at Cavan County Council to help maintain and improve the road network in the local area. That grant money is then allocated to our Municipal District Areas.

Management of funding streams in our Roads Department can be challenging to ensure that budget allocations for our Municipal Districts are correctly aligned with the various works schemes as they progress through the calendar year. To do this our team need to have access to accurate and up to date data.



Procloud developed a data dashboard using Power BI to give us real-time and transparent access to the data required so our Managers can make fact based decisions to ensure optimal use of budgets.

Enda Tiernan, Head of Information Systems

Cavan County Council