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Chanelle Group, based in Galway, Ireland, are a leading provider of generic animal pharmaceuticals worldwide.


Chanelle Pharma had an aging IT environment which had become too expensive and complex to administer and expand. In addition, the business was unable to meet Recovery Point (RPO) and Recovery time (RTO) objectives using its legacy Veeam Backup and Recovery solution.

They wanted to implement a modern infrastructure with cutting-edge-virtualisation-technology at a lower cost than the legacy solution in place. A key requirement was an
affordable, efficient, reliable and easily manageable solution that would enable IT staff to maintain the high levels of service expected by Chanelle’s business users.


At ProCloud we selected HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged infrastructure for Chanelle’s next generation IT implementation. It promises a smaller footprint at lower cost, and integrated
backup and disaster recovery. This platform is designed to consolidate hardware, software, and advanced data services into a simple, flexible, cost-effective building block.

Chanelle Group had two data centres, but had not been providing Disaster Recovery (DR) for their applications due to bandwidth constraints and the cost prohibitive nature of their existing solutions. A HPE SimpliVity solution, with its “datacentre-in-a-box” methodology,
provides an optimal landing place for new virtual machines and provides integrated back up and Disaster Recovery (DR). This gave Chanelle Group the DR capabilities they needed to meet their business goals at no additional cost.


The solution we developed provided Chanelle with seamless “data-centre-in-a-box” implementation.  Automated Disaster Recovery ensures all VMs are protected and
online at the remote site.

By modifying the configuration of the virtual machines running their main business application to accommodate more memory, ProCloud helped Chanelle improve the applications’ overall performance.

Chanelle Group now have a simple solution that the team has been able to adopt quickly and seamlessly without sacrificing performance or scalability.

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The HPE SimpliVity solution which ProCloud provided costs about 25% less than the others, while providing far greater capacity.

Because it consumes a fraction of the space and power of our legacy platforms, it will be far less expensive to operate over the long run.

Sachin Pol, Infrastructure & Technology Manager

Chanelle Pharmaceuticals