IT infrastructures can quickly become complex not least because computing, networking, and storage are all individual silos. This increases management requirements and limits scalability. Hyperconvergence addresses these challenges. With the hyperconverged technologies we offer at ProCloud, you can combine the computing, networking, and storage elements of your IT infrastructure into one, unified system.

This cuts costs, improves security, enhances scalability, and gives your business the IT agility it needs to grow.

We offer the best hyperconverged products available on the market today. Those products are fully configured, optimised, and supported by our highly trained, skilled, and experienced in-house team.

Technologies We Offer

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HPE SimpliVity is the leading, enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform. Built on the best-selling server in the world, it will give you the performance and scalability you need. Find out more about HPE SimpliVity today.


With Storage Spaces Direct, we can combine industry-standard servers with local drives. This creates a powerful, scalable, and agile software-defined storage solution for your business. Plus, the costs are considerably lower when compared to traditional NAS or SAN arrays.