Cloud technologies offer considerable performance, productivity, and efficiency benefits to businesses. There are some situations, however, where a public cloud is not a suitable solution. At ProCloud, we offer private cloud solutions, so you can get the benefits offered by the cloud without relinquishing control of your data and/or applications.

Our team has extensive experience setting up private cloud solutions built using the industry-leading cloud product from Microsoft, Azure Stack. This includes integrating Azure Stack with the Azure public cloud, giving you even greater agility and flexibility.

Azure Stack

Azure Stack is the answer for your on premise private cloud. Call us today on 071 961 1169 to find out more information.

Microsoft based its Azure Stack product on its Azure cloud platform. This means you get all the tools and features of its highly successful and popular public cloud product while keeping your cloud private.

Plus, you serve the Azure Stack cloud from your own on-premises data centre, keeping you in full control.

Benefits of Private Clouds

Azure Stack is ideal if you don’t want your data on a public cloud. There are many situations where this applies, such as because of regulations in your industry. You may also have sensitive data you need to protect, or you might have location issues that present problems when using public cloud technologies.