Cloud provides a cost-effective, highly secure, easy to maintain, and easy to scale IT solution for your business. At ProCloud, we work with leading Global Cloud Vendors plus we have an expert in-house team with the skills you need to take the IT in your business to the next level.

Cloud Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

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Cloud Email Solutions

Our business email, calendar, and contact solutions will help you stay connected. Plus, with cloud email solutions, you can access your emails and calendar from anywhere and on any device.

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Get the highest performing, flexible, and scalable infrastructure working for your business in the cloud. IaaS solutions are cost-effective, highly secure, and efficient.

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Backup as a Service

Protect, manage, and access your data more efficiently with a tailored, cloud-based, and highly secure backup as a service solution.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protect your business from the risk of disaster by enabling full recovery in the cloud. We provide tailored disaster recovery as a service solutions.

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Cloud Brokerage

Plan, buy, and manage IT resources across all cloud models from multiple suppliers with help from our experienced cloud brokerage team.