In an increasingly data-centric world Microsoft Power BI is a solution that lets you connect to and visualise your data and gain valuable insights into your business. At ProCloud our Data Analytics team have created a number of bespoke solutions for clients using Power BI. This business intelligence solution can aggregate and transform data from multiple different sources, producing a series of immersive visuals that are easy to share and understand. Its user friendly interface uses visually compelling and easy to use charts and graphs that clearly communicate essential information to the relevant team members.

How Does Power BI Work?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud based business analytics solution. It lets you visualise critical business data and allows you and your team make real-time, data driven decisions. It is a solution that suits any business, regardless of its shape or size. You can connect to unrelated data sources, process that data and generate coherent insights in a rich visual format. You can gather data from Excel spreadsheets and databases and from both cloud-based and on-premises apps. The machine learning capabilities analyses data to help users see and understand historic and current activity. It can also help you see what might happen in the can spot data patterns, make informed predictions and run “what if” scenarios.

What Are The Benefits of Power BI?

  • You can input huge quantities of data from multiple sources into Power BI. This is something that other platforms would struggle with.
  • Using the built-in machine learning features you can easily analyse large volumes of data and quickly spot trends to inform business decisions
  • The visual presentation capabilities are stunning. You can create unique customised and interactive dashboards that allow you to quickly and easily access the data in insights you need.
  • This helps bring clarity to complex data flows, allowing you to quickly get the insights you need.
  • Power BI is cloud-based so you and your team can access data anywhere at anytime.
  • Data security is ensured with granular controls on access both internally and externally
  • Its intuitive interface makes Power BI much easier to navigate than complex spreadsheets
  • The ability to quickly share dashboards and reports with colleagues and insiders increases productivity.

Where Can I Find Out More?

Do you want to find out more? You can read a Microsoft Case Study featuring ProCloud here. You can also read more on the Microsoft website here. Alternatively you can contact Ray Hannon, CFO and Head of Analytics at Procloud, who can talk to you about the added value our team can deliver for our clients when customising Microsoft Power BI.