With its most recent launch HPE SimpliVity may just have delivered the most secure Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) ever.

Cyber security and data protection is becoming ever more critical to organisations. For almost 10 years HPE SimpliVity HCI has been providing built-in data protection and with the launch of the latest version the HPE SimpliVity offering is even more secure.

New Data Protection and Security features

We are all aware of recent online scams, IT security breaches and cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are becoming smarter, and it is vital that your organisation is properly protected. You cannot afford the business disruption, loss of credibility, trust, and the financial costs a Ransomware attack can bring.

HPE SimpliVity has an excellent reputation in protecting against ransomware attacks and providing data protection. With built-in data protection and rapid restores within and between clusters it ensures critical data and applications can return to their previous state quickly. This in turn means a reduction in business disruption and revenue loss. This latest version may be the most secure Hyperconverged Infrastructure ever.

Cloud data protection with HPE Cloud Bank Storage

Our customers are already enjoying the benefits of offloading their medium-term backups onto HPE StoreOnce and now with HPE Cloud Bank, clients can avail of low cost public cloud storage for long term, off site backups. This combined solution delivers secure, cost-effective VM backup to meet long-term data retention or compliance requirements. HPE StoreOnce can then restore data 30% faster than before because the data is fully optimized, deduped and compressed prior to sending back to HPE SimpliVity.

HPE StoreOnce data immutability

HPE has added another layer of protection with HPE StoreOnce immutability to stop ransomware attackers from accessing HPE SimpliVity backups on external air gapped HPE StoreOnce appliances. This means that backups can be assigned an immutable period, during which they cannot be deleted. This ensures data security and enables reliable data restores even in the event of an attack.

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

With this latest software release, HPE SimpliVity also supports Transport Layer Security (TLS). This is a protocol that provides data encryption, authentication and integrity. An extra measure of security for customers who need data secured when transferring over a network.

Container Based Architecture

For organizations looking to modernize applications and speed up development cycles with a container-based architecture, HPE SimpliVity supports the Container Storage Interface (CSI) Driver for Kubernetes.CSI and persistent volume support enable both VMs and container workloads to be run on the same HPE SimpliVity platform at edge sites, which eliminates the need for dedicated infrastructure of each workload.

A new AMD based hyperconverged platform

The new HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Plus v2 is based on the latest 3rd generation AMD EPYC 7003 Series processor which offers up to 64 cores on a single socket. This powerful 1U server has an exceptional balance of processor, memory, and I/O at 1P TCO, a perfect solution for edge and VDI use cases

Brian Supple CT“We are delighted to see these new feature enhancements, particularly Cloud Bank as this now allows our customers to manage their entire infrastructure footprint from a single pane of glass” says Brian Supple, Technical Director at ProCloud. “Data immutability is another feature that is becoming increasingly important in this age of increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks”

If you are interested in a more secure hyperconverged infrastructure contact Brian and his team at ProCloud. We will be happy to discuss what is the best option for your organisation.