At ProCloud we recently leveraged the capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Power BI and Power Automate to deliver a new reporting solution for Payac. Payac helps credit unions provide fully functional current account and debit-card facilities to their members. Procloud developed a solution that transformed the manual reporting system to a fully automated system. This immediately led to efficiencies and time savings. We then developed a bespoke, interactive, real-time Power BI dashboard. This gives Payac deeper insights into its data.

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Microsoft cloud-based business intelligence solution for analysing and visualising data. Using Power BI you can collect data, transform it and then turn it into intelligent insights. These are presented in visually appealing and easy to understand charts and graphs. As data is pushed or streamed in, the dashboards update in real time. This enables decision makers to solve problems or identify opportunities quickly

How did Payac benefit from these efficiencies?

An automated system means that Payac staff have more time to critically and strategically analyse the data. Secure, live, up to date reporting enables Payac to better support their customers. Since adopting the ProCloud solution, Payac has strenghtened its position as the No. 1 shared services provider in the area. According to Barry Feeney, Chief Financial Officer at Payac, “ProCloud understoood our challenges and developed a cost-effective, automated solution that’s user-friendly and reliable”

Procloud feature in Microsoft case study

ProCloud, a Microsoft Gold partner, was recently selected as one of the Microsoft Partner Success Stories for this work with Payac. We have worked with the team at Microsoft to create this Case Study for the Microsoft Evidence portal. We are delighted to see it promoted to the wider Microsoft team and their customers, demonstrating the signification impact of the bespoke solutions we created.

If you would like to automate your reporting, drive efficiencies that release your team for more strategic work and gain deeper insights from your data, contact Ray Hannon, CFO and Head of Analytics at Procloud, to find out how we can help you.