The recent increase in Cyber security threats demonstrates the critical need for Information Security in every organisation. Data breaches can be disruptive, costly and cause huge reputational damage.  In recognition of our work in this area ProCloud recently achieved ISO27001 certification. Being ISO27001 certified means that Procloud is compliant with the highest international standards for information security.

What is ISO 27001 Certification?

Achieving ISO27001 certification requires us to meet stringent security standards. The ISO27001 certification is the only internationally recognized information security management standard which is independently certified to cover People, Process and Technology.  Certification specifies the requirements for “establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving and information security management system within the context of the organization.” (NSAI)

Procloud must have an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to achieve ISO27001 certification. What does this mean? Firstly, we must have a documented process for managing sensitive company information, HR processes, and IT systems. Secondly, we must continually implement and maintain that ISMS and it must be reviewed and improved on a continual basis.  In addition, the assessment and treatment of data and information security risks are specifically tailored to the needs of our organisation. Rigorous auditing of our ISMS by the NSAI auditors ensures the ISO27001 certification is highly trusted.

What are the benefits of using an ISO27001 Certified Service Provider?

In achieving ISO27001 certification Procloud is ensuring our clients can trust we have appropriate safeguards in place to ensure information and data is secure. This means they can be confident we have invested, and continue to invest, to maintain appropriate levels of security based on acknowledged risks.

Many service providers will claim to adhere to best practices around information security. However, only those seriously committed to those best practices will possess and ISO27001 certification. By choosing to work with an ISO Certified Service Provider like Procloud, you can trust that we:

  • Systemically examine information security risks, identifying any potential threats, exposures and possible impact
  • Design and implement controls to address any risks we judge unacceptable.
  • Adopt a management process to ensure that the controls we have put in place continue to meet our organisations needs

Interested in reducing Cyber Security Risks for your Business?

To find out more about how rigorous this certification process is click here. Or you can get in touch with Niall O’Donohoe, Managing Director at Procloud to find out how we can work together to find cost efficient solutions that benefit your business.