The move to remote working caused by COVID19 led to an increase in demand for a VoIP phone system from several clients. Working from home introduced a new set of challenges.

During lockdowns remote working raised issues around both workspace and connectivity. The lockdowns led to a disconnect between colleagues and clients. As a result, the need for reliable communications systems became more critical than ever.

Some of our clients had centralised, on premises phone systems and needed to maintain effective communications with team members now working from home. Those team members also needed to provide uninterrupted service to clients from their remote locations. We recommended switching to a VoIP phone system. It proved to be the perfect solution.

How does a VoIP phone system work?

A VoIP system is a phone service delivered over the internet. It allows you to make a call directly from a desktop computer. laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Essentially, your voice is converting to a digital signal, compressed, and sent over the internet. On the receiving end that digital signal is uncompressed into the sound that you hear through your headset or handset. VoIP allows your business handle voice, and other services, in a way that suits modern businesses and remote working. The call quality is HD, and the system can be configured to include a range of add-ons that allow you to work smarter.

What was the VoIP solution we provided?

Here at Procloud we listened to the issues and challenges our clients were experiencing. It was clear that integrating Microsoft Teams with a cloud-based PBX system would be the best solution. We partnered with IP Telecom, whose system is extremely flexible, to provide individual tailor-made solutions for clients including large companies and public sector organisations.

Our solution provides all the benefits of a land-based line, with some key additional benefits. It is:

  • Highly cost-effective as there are no call charges.
  • Extremely flexible, with opportunities to expand in line with requirements ensuring the system is future ready.
  • Perfectly suited to hybrid working.
  • Individualised for the client’s specific needs. For example, diverting calls to certain team members at particular times, e.g., out of hours.

The Procloud team has developed expertise in tailoring VoIP phone systems to our clients’ particular needs. We have implemented full call monitoring and logging capabilities, as well as through utilising the MS Power Platforms. This gives our clients real time analysis of their usage and statistics

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