This week the second virtual Microsoft Inspire took place. It is the largest Microsoft partner annual event and showcases the latest in digital transformation. It is an opportunity for Microsoft to unveil their latest offerings and for attendees to network and learn from industry leaders. Here Owen O’Donohoe, Microsoft Lead at Procloud, outlines his key takeaways from Microsoft Inspire 2021.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

The past year has demonstrated the importance of employees and customers being able to communicate from wherever they are. Microsoft cloud is leading the digital transformation that will continue at pace as we shift to a world of hybrid working. Windows 10 and 11 will now be available as a cloud service, Windows 365. This will provide a flexible, secure option for dispersed workforces. A user’s device and Windows 365 creates a new hybrid computer category, a Cloud PC. Organisations can choose the Cloud PC that fits their needs and pay by month by user.

Dynamics 365 Will Be Integrated With Teams At No Extra Cost

Microsoft Teams customers will now receive access to view and edit Microsoft Dynamics 365 data in Teams. This will enable increased efficiency, more collaboration and ultimately improved productivity. Only Microsoft is enabling this kind of innovation

Windows 11 Will Raise The Bar On Security

At Microsoft Inspire there was heavy messaging around zero trust.  It is important to assume that companies will be breached at some point. You must ensure that you have a process in place to prepare for that. PCs are recognised as being a weak link. Windows 11 sees a substantial increase in hardware requirements including a TPM 2.0 chip.

Windows 11 Will Feature A Host Of New Features

Android apps will be built into Windows 11 through the new Microsoft Store, which has been rebuilt for speed. Features to note include:

  • Widgets will be added to the interface, giving you a personalised feed, which is powered by AI.
  • Microsoft’s video chat platform Teams will be integrated directly into the Windows 11 taskbar making it easier to access.
  • Virtual desktops which you can customise for each part of your life, work, personal etc.
  • Snap layouts – when working on a number of open windows you can arrange them in your preferred layout and save those windows in that layout.
  • Snap groups the set of open windows that you saved in Snap Layouts, added to the taskbar so you can easily find and pull them up again. This makes the transition from monitor to laptop much easier or returning to a task after interruption
  • Enhanced touchscreen with bigger touch targets, gestures, use of haptics to improve UX when using a pen, touch keyboard, voice typing

Microsoft Cloud For Sustainability

Microsoft recognizes that organisations across all sectors want to meet sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. Every industry is engaged in sustainable digital transformation at some level. The launch of Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability later this year was announced at the event. This new cloud is designed to help organisations record, measure, report, understand and take charge of their carbon emissions. It will help organisations set sustainability goals and take measureable action.

Are you interested in learning more about any of the initiatives mentioned above? Would you like to hear more about Microsoft Inspire 2021. Do you have questions about how we can help your organisation and its continued digital transformation? Please contact Owen or one of our team at