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TEG is a leading engineering company that develops and manufactures products and components for the aviation, pharmaceutical, and biopharma industries.


Allocating more and more money and resources to IT management – this was one of the challenges faced by TEG when we started working with the company. It is not an unusual position to be in, given that companies in a wide range of industries are now heavily reliant on IT for the operation of their businesses. TEG was no different. The problem was its systems were not always available when they needed them to be, there were reliability and performance problems, and its IT costs were too high.

Plus, as in many other companies, TEG didn’t have the IT resources in-house to effectively manage their IT.


The solution we developed for TEG modernised its IT infrastructure using cloud technologies. Specifically, we based the solution on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, including Azure Backup and Azure Files.

It is a fully managed solution, too, reducing pressures on the TEG team.


The IT infrastructure in TEG is now robust, making it reliable and available when they need it. The TEG team also now has access to more functionality using the Microsoft 365 suite of apps, and the system is more secure, with backups now taken regularly. Plus, we are providing a fully managed service to TEG, so the company no longer has to worry about in-house IT resources. Instead, it has access to our team of experts whenever it needs it.

Instead of spending time, energy, and resources on keeping its IT operational, TEG is now able to focus fully on its core business priorities, confident that there is an enterprise-level solution in place backed up by Procloud’s knowledgeable IT team.

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Our IT was no longer delivering for our business, and we had no confidence in its reliability. We also didn’t have the in-house skills to properly manage our existing IT, let alone implement improvements.

Plus, our IT overheads were considerably higher than they should be given the cost of modern cloud-based solutions.

Procloud provided answers to all the IT challenges we were facing. The team at Procloud moved our IT infrastructure largely to the cloud, while also improving security and disaster recovery. Our IT costs are now lower too, and we’ve been able to enhance the service we provide to customers.