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Longford County Council is responsible for local government in Longford, Ireland. Like other county councils in the country, it has a large workforce with varying roles and responsibilities.


HR is a crucial function in Longford County Council, including in relation to ensuring the standard of service delivered to ratepayers is constantly improved. Therefore, like other organisations, performance management is an important part of the HR function. However, the performance management process in Longford County Council was not efficient, as it was paper based. The council also struggled to optimise employee engagement with the performance management process, plus decisions taken during performance management reviews were subjective. This presented additional HR challenges.

Longford County Council wanted a solution to not only digitise the process, but to make better use of data to improve decision making.


We developed an analytics solution for Longford County Council using Power Apps and Power Automate from Microsoft. This enabled the Procloud team to eliminate the paper-based performance management system, replacing it with a digital process.

The collection, use, and analysis of data were also digitised and improved, with better reporting and workflows that enabled data-driven decision-making.


Moving away from subjective decision making to data-driven decision making improved the effectiveness of the performance management process at Longford County Council, while also reducing risks. Employee engagement with the process also improved, and it became more efficient.

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The performance management process at Longford County Council was time-consuming and inefficient, largely because it was paper based.

We weren’t getting the levels of employee engagement that we wanted either, and the decision-making process was challenging, largely because there was very little data available to make decisions with.

The Procloud team fully understood the challenges we were facing, so they were able to develop an effective solution using Power Apps and Power Automate. We now have a digital performance management process that is easier than ever for employees to engage with, and we get excellent reports from the system, improving decision making.

Danny Lynch, Head of Information Services

Longford County Council